Surprisify your Packaging

Every magazine has already dedicated a substantial chunk of print space to telling you what you should be buying everyone you’ve ever met.
Instead, we want to remind you about the element that is never considered or set to default mode: packaging.

By “packaging” we don’t just mean the color of your wrapping paper but everything about the way you gift your gift (the how, the when, the where). The possibilities are infinite, but here are a few of our favorite surprise packaging strategies to help you get started:

  •  The Hunt: instead of placing gifts under the tree, hide them around your home (think: the cupboard, the microwave, the cereal box). And if you must have something beneath the branches, consider a box containing a clue leading to your secret hiding place. Pro tip: rhyming clues add an extra bit of whimsy.
  • The Drip: don’t reveal your gifts in one fell swoop; prolong the fun by giving them out little by little, Hanukkah-style or every hour on the hour. Pro tip: set an alarm to chime at regular intervals so that your gift recipients are conditioned to expect a treat.
  • The Plant: your gift recipients are expecting to get their gifts for you, which is a perfect opportunity for a pattern interrupt. Get a plant – no not a poinsettia, but a friend or even a task rabbit to present your present (ridiculous costumes make this strategy even more fun).

More often than not, it’s the how and not the what that we remember, so stretch the wonder and give the gift of a delightful memory by surprisifying your packaging.

What are your surprise packaging ideas?



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