Master the Entrance

Yesterday I walked into my dark, empty apartment, still typing on my phone, when I came face to face with this:


That, ladies and gentlemen,  is my husband wearing a chicken face.

According to him, I produced a triple scream: ah ahh AHHHHHH!

To the untrained eye this exchange may look like a juvenile prank (okay it is a juvenile prank), but it was also a skillful pattern interrupt that led to a giggle-filled evening together.

Our past entrance surprises have included:

- Sweet post-it notes covering the outside of the door
– Nerf guns slung on the outside doorknob
– Freshly baked cookies at the entrance hallway
– And an array of unexpected leaps and pounces

But why entrances? The doorways into our homes, offices, and other oft-frequented places are so familiar to us that they are ideal for surprise interventions.

The other reason I love entrances is that they mark a physical divide between the outside and inside worlds. A surprise greeting sends a message to the brain that says: “In here, things are different. In here, we play, we take risks, and we pay attention to one another.”

What surprise entrances have you pulled off?



  1. Hannah

    Halloween is typically full of surprises, of course, but I’m particularly proud of the Halloween when I entered a party in my awesome homemade robot costume doing my sweet robot moves, and was basically the center of attention for an extended moment. It’s typically not my style to do such a thing, but I just felt inspired! I’ve been told it was surprising to others, and helped to brighten up the mood. :)

  2. Nikelle

    Many days of my high school were filled with me hearing my parents cars arrive in the driveway and hiding in the laundry room until they came in. Sometimes I would wait a good while, but it was always worth it, brought me so much joy.

    • That’s fantastic! This just brought back a memory for me of trying to hide inside a dryer during an intense game of hide n’ seek (probably not a good idea, but it was so much fun). – Tania

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