Do a Space Spruce

Samantha Fair is responsible for the intellectual and creative growth of hundreds of people. Really short people with sticky fingers and scraped up knees. In other words, she’s a teacher. She thinks a lot about things you’d expect a teacher to think about like math and reading and recess, but she also spends a lot of time thinking about something we often forget: space.

At strategic points throughout the school year Samantha does a Space Spruce; she transforms her classroom.

“Changing the room changes the way we think,” Samantha told me. “The effect can last for weeks.”

At first her kids walk into the “new” room with their eyes big, their necks stretched, and their mouths in the shapes of tiny ohs. They look all around, taking in every surprising detail.

Next comes the chorus of questions: “Who moved the bookcase?” “Where is the pencil sharpener?”

And finally they settle down, but their minds continue to race and the whole world seems a lot more interesting.

So how about you? Is it time for a Space Spruce?

Samantha changes her space when her kids feel bored, restless, or jittery or when they’re stuck in a routine of playing the same games or with the same kids. If you don’t have a classroom to rearrange, how about your bedroom, office, bathroom, car, or conference room?

Any place in which you can use a burst of creativity, curiosity, and connection can use a Space Spruce. Got any sprucing ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. Samantha Fair is an early childhood educator and consultant. Check out her other advice at:



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